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- Participate in private investment in ICO projects

- Get tokens of the best projects for their evaluation

- Reduce the risks of your investments using escrow tools

To do this, it is sufficient to confirm that you have invested more than 100 000 USDT in crypto market.

How to attract money to the project?

by using  investment tools ICO FUTURE

Investment Bounty

Do you want investors talk about your projects?

Order an evaluation of your project and hundreds of investors will see your project.

Dou you need investment in the project?

Involve investments in your project by participating in a pool of mutual investments.

Prove that it is profitably investing in your project.

Reduce the risks of investing

Create unique investment offers for investors.

Minimize their risks and make your project more attractive.

We are investors who want to multiply their capital in the digital assets market by investing only in the best projects

Club members had invested more than in 50 ICO more than 75 000 000 USD

Guide for capitalization of ICO projects

Involvement of investments in liquid tokens at the ICO stage

Do you launch ICO?

Take part in the pool of mutual investments of the best ICO projects of this month for the amount of 100 000 USDT

Trading period:

July Token POOL

Deadline for applications to the July pool - until August 15th

Pool’s disclosure date November 1



Token pool`s scheme

Evaluation of the project by proven large investors

Pay by tokens to everybody can know about you, get feedback about your project from real confirmed investors in the crypto industry

Create a cool information guide and make a statement about yourself!

Choose a suitable investor by a number of parameters (industry, amount of investments, fame) to evaluate your project

The scheme of evaluation

Escrow instruemnts for investment in ICO

Are you sure in your project?

Propose to large investors the stage-by-stage financing of your project through ICO FUTURE

Escrow Tools

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Confirmed status

Non-public investors

Investors from 10K to 100K USDT

The club has 110 confirmed investors

Investors from 100 to 500K USDT

The club has 43 confirmed investors

Investors from 500 to 1M USDT

The club has 12 confirmed investors

Investors from 1M USDT

The club has 2 confirmed investors

Our team

Friendly team of real professionals

Dmitry Letunov


Management of finances, investments.

More than 10 years Private Banking, Family office, Venture investment.

Alexandra Artemenko


More than 7 years of support of investment projects.

Building partnerships with banks, private equity funds, and large private investors.

 Maintenance of transactions for the sale and purchase of assets (M & A);

Stanislav Teo

Strategy and development

Strategy and Project Management

More than 15 years of venture business

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